Designer Hunting is a source for locating designer merchandise below retail, as well as your connect to locate collection pieces and limited edition pieces.

I’m Nella, I created Designer Hunting to extend my service outside of my private clients.
Fashion has always been a form of expression for me and I have always enjoyed the thrill of locating designer items on sale.

It all started with my first pair of YSL heels, and it's when I realized that I could own my own brand new designer pieces at 50%of or more below retail. From then on my own personal collection multiplied and I began sourcing for friends and family. I come from a corporate background, but always focused on fashion sourcing as my creative outlet. Designer Hunting started as my hobby, and quickly grew into my passion.

Over the years I have created a network that provides first access to sales, to curate a collection for my clients within their budget. I've worked with clients on styling, personal shopping, professional organizing, as well as assisted in curating their wardrobe and collections.

 Our small team is growing and we make it a promise to provide you the best retail concierge service!

- Nella